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Disposable Shoe covers come in many shapes and sizes for a variety of applications. Choosing the proper shoe cover depends on the work you will be doing and the work place environment. Do you need shoe covers to be anti-skid or non-slip? Should your shoe covers be made to fit over regular shoes or boots as well? What are the work regulations regarding protective shoe covers? All of these questions will need to be addressed in order to ascertain which protective shoe covers you will need and when you will need to wear them. There are many industries that use disposable shoe covers. Hospitals are perhaps one of the most well-known workplaces where employees are required to wear protective shoe covers for both anti-slip and hygiene purposes. However, industrial settings such as paint shops, also require employees to wear protective shoe covers. Shoe covers protect the workplace from debris that you can track in with your shoes. Workers in hospitals and shops where floors are of a slippery material will need to wear shoe covers with a non-slip sole.


Ultra Health supply a wide range of shoe and body covers to keep employees safe and the work environment as hygienic as possible.