Ethical Sourcing & Social Responsibility Policy

Ultra Health Medical Pty Ltd, and its subsidiary Steeldrill Health & Safety, is committed to the continuous improvement of ethical sourcing business practices. Ultra Health employees as well as its manufacturers, strive to provide sustainable and socially responsible products. Ultra Health focuses on the following key components of Ethical Sourcing & Social Responsibility;
  1. Combating Modern Slavery and Child Labour
  2. Sustainable Environmental practices
  3. Ensuring all Ultra Health manufacturer’s meet the highest international standards
  4. Ensuring the welfare of all employees in terms of labour, OHS as well as their human rights
  5. Monitoring the ethical business practice of all employees to ensure they have no involvement in bribery or collusion. Ultra Health maintains strong emphasis on good judgement and the immediate reporting of any suspected illegal activity.

Modern Slavery & Child Labour

Under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 the Federal Government has the following legislation of the mandatory reporting of risks of modern slavery in supply chains. This mandatory reporting requires the description of structure, operation, and supply chain reporting. Due diligence and remediation process are required to continue to combat Modern Slavery and Child Labour. Ultra Health manufacturers must comply with all applicable anti-slavery and child labour laws including bonded, involuntary labour or human trafficking. Ultra Health requires an agreement and reporting process from all its manufacturers ensuring they follow ethical labour practices. Ultra Health manufacturers must not have any convictions or be under investigation for any claims of modern slavery, child labour or human trafficking. All employees must be of legal working age, have the ability to leave employment after giving reasonable notice and are remunerated as per the legal requirements of the host country. Employees must not be under any form of forced labour, must be of legal age and not be in any type of involuntary servitude, debt bond or human trafficking. Ultra Health suppliers must be able to verify the employee’s age and they must also comply with the minimum legal working age of the host country. Employees under the age of 18 years must not engage in night or hazardous work. Manufacturers must exhibit established and implemented systems when hiring employees to prevent both Modern Slavery and Child Labour.

Environmental Objectives and Environmental Policy

Ultra Health Medical Pty Ltd abides by all applicable State and Federal Government environmental legislation, especially that regarding the reduction of waste, the control and safe disposal of hazardous and dangerous goods, the prevention of pollution and the protection of the environment. Ultra Health conducts frequent inspections via either physical or accreditation, or both, to ensure its manufacturers are abiding by their environmental policies and objectives as well as abiding by all relevant international laws and regulations. All Ultra Health manufacturers and suppliers have ISO 9001 accreditation or an equivalent Standard. In the furtherance of this commitment, Ultra Health Medical has committed itself to and is in the process of accreditation to ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems – and has documented Plans and Procedures in place to comply with this Standard. These documents include a commitment to:
  1. Reuse or recycle all packaging materials;
  2. Reduce the flow of hard copy documentation to an absolute minimum;
  3. Segregate and recycle all scrap wherever and whenever possible;
  4. Prevent pollution wherever possible;
  5. Ensure that all toxic and non-biodegradable materials are safety disposed of by authorised contractors;
  6. Monitor water and power consumption with the aim of its reduction wherever possible without detriment to the various processes carried out by the Company;
  7. Where the customer specifies a material that is hazardous to its employees, the public or the environment Ultra Health will advise the customer accordingly and recommend alternative and safer options
  8. Ultra Health conducts regular reviews of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure they are adhering to strict environmental standards as much as possible.
Ultra Health management regularly reviews the Company’s Environmental Plans and Procedures with a view to improving its performance. All Ultra Health employees are regularly briefed on environmental matters affecting the Company. Ultra Health conducts regular staff meetings where employees are encouraged to consider and discuss where their work may have an adverse effect on the environment Ultra Health management ensure that employees are aware of environmental issues and they receive the appropriate training. Environmental Plans and Procedures are subject to regular internal audit to ensure that they are effective, and that compliance is being maintained. Any non-conformances or systemic problems highlighted during these audits are subject to corrective and preventive action.

Ultra Health Medical Pty Ltd & Steeldrill Health & Safety Supplier Selection Requirements

Ultra Health & Steeldrill prides itself on delivering products that are of the highest quality. As the majority of the products are for medical use or used as Industrial personal protective equipment we ensure the highest quality by insisting our manufacturer’s meet the highest international standards. Ultra Health & Steeldrill have also been awarded Australian Trusted Traders Accreditation which provides it with exclusive security clearance. The companies were awarded this honour as all our manufacturers are audited and checked to a high level of quality and security. The companies ensure all manufacturers are ISO 9001 accredited as well as also having one of the following audit methodologies: SMETA 4 Pillar, SMETA 2 Pillar, BSCI, WRAP, and SA8000. Ultra Health’s medical products are registered with the Therapeutic Good Administration to a number of different, levels which requires proof of product & manufacturing standards as well as providing complete product traceability.

Welfare, Health and Safety of all Employees

Ultra Health Medical ensures strict equal opportunity. Discrimination is not tolerated and all prospective employees are treated on their merits, regardless of race, age, sex, relationship status, religion, personal beliefs and values or any other factor not applicable to the position. This same non-discrimination policy will apply to any compensation, access to training, termination, or promotion. Employees are valued according to how well they perform their duties, and on their ability to maintain company standards of service. Ultra Health demands its manufacturers adhere to the same policy must provide a written declaration that they also provide equal opportunity employment and a discrimination free environment.

Ultra Health Medical does not tolerate any form of Harassment be it bullying, discrimination, victimisation, sexual harassment, or vilification. Ultra Health considers these behaviours unacceptable and they will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Ultra Health has therefore adopted the following policies;

1) All OH&S legislation is strictly adhered to by Ultra Health Medical with on-going documentation of any non-conformance. Ultra Health manufacturers are also expected to follow their own countries legislation or have in place their own strict Health and Safety Practices for all employees.

2) These Ultra Health OH &S policies apply to all company employees whether permanent, part time, or casual as well as contractors who have signed the Induction Form.

Ethical Business Practice

Ultra Health Medical has a strict policy of no political donations. Ultra Health will not entertain any form of bribery which includes accepting favours or gifts by any Ultra Health employee. Ultra Health expects all employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner in line with the company’s values and standards. False advertising or misrepresentation is prohibited in regard to any products sold by Ultra Health Medical or its distributors. Ultra Heath does not collude with its competitors to establish any form of market dominance, under any circumstances. It is Ultra Health company policy to not knowingly infringe another company’s trademarks, patterns, or intellectual property.