Ethical Sourcing & Social Responsibility Policy


Ultra Health Medical Pty Ltd, and its subsidiary Steeldrill Safety, is committed to the continuous improvement of ethical sourcing business practices. Ultra Health employees and its manufacturers strive to provide sustainable and socially responsible products. We use the Sedex Platform for guidance, audits and to provide our manufacturers Ethical Sourcing & Social Responsibility audits online. Our Sedex Company Reference Number: ZC416650492.


This policy is applicable to all Ultra Health suppliers, business partners and employeees.


All employees, suppliers and business partners of Ultra Health must comply with this policy. We especially require all suppliers to provide us with third party Ethical Sourcing & Social Responsibility audits that are internationally recognised and to begin the registration process for the online platform Sedex for easy information sharing with us and our customers. Failure to comply with this policy and to provide evidence of compliance on request may result in penalties, up to and including termination of relationship. Ultra 

Health Medical focuses on the following key components of Ethical Sourcing & Social Responsibility;

  1. Supplier selection and product and quality standards
  2. Combating Modern Slavery and Child Labour
  3. Upholding the welfare and labour rights of workers
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Ethical Business Practices
  6. Environmental practices
  7. Legal compliance and proper management practices

1. Legal Compliance and proper management practices

Ultra Health abides by all relevant laws and standards to ensure the highest quality goods, safety for employees and sound business practices. We expect our suppliers to do the same. Therefore, suppliers must:

  • Comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the countries and jurisdictions in whichthey operate.
  • Comply with all other applicable international laws and regulations, including those relating tointernational trade, sanctions, export controls, antitrust/competition and data protection.Where local law and this policy address the same topic, the supplier must meet therequirement which affords greater protection.
  • Demonstrate policies, processes and reporting systems to show their compliance with thispolicy and all applicable laws.

2. Ultra Health Medical Pty Ltd & Steeldrill Health & Safety Supplier Selection Requirements

Ultra Health Medical & Steeldrill prides itself on delivering products that are of the highest quality our supplier to at minimum have European EC Certification of production quantity assurance and Quality Management System specific for Medical Devices international standard ISO 13485:2016 along with any other required conformity report for the specific product. The majority of the products are for medical use or used as Industrial personal protective equipment, Ultra Health ensures all products are TGA registered prior to importation with assistance of the manufacturers.. As such, we ensure the highest quality by insisting our manufacturer’s meet the highest international standards.

  • Ultra Health & Steeldrill have been awarded Australian Trusted Traders Accreditation which provides an exclusive security clearance. The companies were awarded this honour as all our manufacturers are audited and checked to a high level of quality and security.
  • The companies ensure all manufacturers are ISO 9001 accredited as well as having one of the following audit methodologies: SMETA 4 Pillar, SMETA 2 Pillar, BSCI, WRAP, and SA8000.
  • Ultra Health’s medical products are registered with the Therapeutic Good Administration to a number of different levels which requires proof of product & manufacturing standards as well as providing complete product traceability.
  • Ultra Health uses Recall platforms such as GS1, to ensure in the case of a recall there is a national platform that is available.

3. Modern Slavery & Child Labour

Ultra Health expressly forbids modern slavery and child labour of any kind. We will not tolerate, facilitate or condone any form of Modern Slavery or child labour across our business or throughout our supply chains.

Suppliers must:

  • Comply with all applicable anti-slavery and child labour laws including bonded, involuntary labour or human trafficking.
  • Not allow any form of modern slavery or human trafficking including forced or bonded labour.
  • Ensure all work or service carried out is performed without threat of penalty and on a voluntary basis.
  • Not require workers to lodge deposits or identity papers with the supplier as a condition of employment.
  • Not have any convictions or be under investigation for any claims of modern slavery, child labour or human trafficking.
  • Ensure all employees must be of legal working age, have the ability to leave employment after giving reasonable notice and are remunerated as per the legal requirements of the host country.
  • Be able to verify the employee’s age and they must also comply with the minimum legal working age of the host country. Employees under the age of 18 years must not engage in night time or hazardous work.
  • Exhibit established and implemented systems when hiring employees to prevent both Modern Slavery and Child Labour.

4. Upholding the welfare and labour rights of workers

Ultra Health Medical ensures that the rights of all it’s employees are upheld at all times. Discrimination is not tolerated, and all prospective employees are treated on their merits, regardless of race, age, sex, relationship status, religion, personal beliefs and values or any other factor not applicable to the position. This same non-discrimination policy will apply to any compensation, access to training, termination, or promotion. Ultra Health Medical does not tolerate any form of Harassment be it bullying, discrimination, victimisation, sexual harassment, or vilification. Ultra Health considers these behaviours unacceptable and they will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Ultra Health suppliers and manufacturers must:

  • Pay employees wages and benefits that meet at least the local or industry minimum, whichever is higher. Wages must be paid at regular intervals, agreed upon in the worker’s contract and should be provided with a valid payslip or document that verifies accurate compensation for work performed.
  • Comply with national laws, collective agreements or the provisions of ILO conventions on working hours, whichever affords the greatest protection.
  • Respect workers’ legal rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Treat all workers with dignity and respect. No worker must be subject to any form of – or threat or – harsh or inhumane treatment, including physical, sexual, psychological, verbal harassment or abuse, or intimidation.
  • Base all employment decisions (including hiring, termination, compensation, promotion and discipline) exclusively on ability and willingness to do the job.
  • Ensure there is no discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, nationality or social origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, political affiliation, pregnancy status, or past or present union affiliation.
  • Provide a confidential and anonymous whistleblowing helpline or reporting mechanism for workers to report issues, risks and breaches of this policy. Workers should be able to do this without fear of punishment or retaliation.

5. Health and Safety

Ultra Health has strict health and safety policies and procedures for its own employees. These policies and procedures meet all national laws and standards and are closely documented. They apply to all employees whether permanent, part time, casual or contractors.

Ultra Health suppliers and manufacturers must:

  • Meet all relevant national legislation regarding health and safety and have their own health and safety policies in place.
  • Provide a safe and hygienic work environment, and at a minimum meet all applicable health and safety laws.
  • Provide appropriate health and safety training for all employees.
  • Take steps must be taken to prevent accidents and injuries to health arising out of, associated with, or occurring in the course of work, by minimizing, so far as is reasonably practicable, the causes of hazards inherent in the work environment.
  • Provide workers free of charge with appropriate, well-maintained, personal protective equipment and educational materials about risks to them associated with these hazards.

6. Ethical business practice

Ultra Health Medical has a strict policy of no political donations. Ultra Health will not entertain any form of bribery which includes accepting favours or gifts by any Ultra Health employee. Ultra Health expects all employees to conduct themselves in a professional manner in line with the company’s values and standards. False advertising or misrepresentation is prohibited regarding any products sold by Ultra Health Medical or its distributors. Ultra Heath does not collude with its competitors to establish any form of market dominance, under any circumstances. It is Ultra Health company policy to not knowingly infringe another company’s trademarks, patterns, or intellectual property.

Ultra Health suppliers must:

  • declare any conflict of interest in any business practices or relationships related to Ultra Health, and will actively seek to avoid such conflicts.
  • have a zero-tolerance policy towards and prohibit all forms of bribery, kickbacks, corruption, extortion, embezzlement and unethical practices.

7. Environmental Practices

Ultra Health Medical Pty Ltd abides by all applicable State and Federal Government environmental legislation, especially that regarding the reduction of waste, the control and safe disposal of hazardous and dangerous goods, the prevention of pollution and the protection of the environment.

Within our own organisation:

  • Ultra Health management regularly reviews the Company’s Environmental Plans and Procedures with a view to improving its performance.
  • All Ultra Health employees are regularly briefed on environmental matters affecting the Company.
  • Ultra Health conducts regular staff meetings where employees are encouraged to consider and discuss where their work may have an adverse effect on the environment.
  • Ultra Health management ensure that employees are aware of environmental issues and they receive the appropriate training.
We require all our suppliers and business partners to act in the same way. We will conduct frequent inspections via either physical or accreditation, or both, to ensure our manufacturers are abiding by their environmental policies and objectives as well as abiding by all relevant international laws and regulations.
As such, we all suppliers must:
  • Conduct business in a manner which reduces environmental impact. As such, suppliers will measure and minimize the environmental impact of their facilities and operations, including air and greenhouse gas emissions, water (whether in a production process, for irrigation, or for other uses), contamination and waste.
  • have an ISO 9001 accreditation or an equivalent Standard.
  • Suppliers must meet all relevant location and national environmental legislation.
  • Where required by law, environmental records and certificates must be maintained by the supplier. Hazardous materials and chemicals must be disposed of in accordance with the law to ensure these materials are not discharged and do not pollute the environment.
  • Suppliers must identify and reduce the use of hazardous materials, chemicals and substances. Suppliers will also ensure their safe handling, storage and disposal. All applicable employees must be aware of and trained in related safety procedures.