About Ultra Health Medical

Ultra Health Medical Pty Ltd specialises in high quality Medical Consumable Products. With over 18 years of experience and acquired knowledge, Ultra Health services clients ranging from small business through to large corporations and government entities including our Public & Private Hospitals. Our service delivery strategy, business knowledge and acumen, combined with our experience, drive our customer satisfaction and the longevity of our customer relationships.

Ultra Health prides itself on its ability to offer our customers off the shelf products as well as custom made items specifically designed for a particular requirement of our customers and hospitals. Flexibility in design & manufacture is a key to our ongoing success. This is only made possible as we have key personal based at all our major manufacturing sites who can stipulate and detail the requirement directly with the factory design departments.

Ultra Health has partnerships with a number of state of the art factories in various countries that are all leaders in their particular fields from Disposable Exam Gloves, Disposable Garments, Hygiene to Protective Eyewear and more.

All Ultra Health products are subject to rigorous testing by the most respected authorities such as SGS, FDA, SAI Global and many others. All products are certified or are in full compliance to numerous standards such as AS/NZA, HACCP, AAMI, CE, NIOSH etc.

Ultra Health Products are all listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration where applicable.

Ultra Health products are primarily warehoused in Melbourne with back up warehouses in all states that can provide emergency deliveries over 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days of the year. A specialist contact is provided for this service. This service was originally established to assist with the emergency requirements of our major Hospitals. 

Ultra Health is a certified company to ISO 9001:2015 with systems in place to adopt the 2015 standard in 2018. Ultra Health & safety standards and systems have been developed to ensure that our service is conducted in accordance with ISO 9001.